Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership
Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership

Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership 2014-2015

The draft plan, created by government agencies and an advisory committee can be found here

Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources Plan For Our Forests.

Though there is plenty to evidence to show that burning wood releases more greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels, this state agency has decided to go ahead regardless. Who is DOER working for?

"The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) will participate in this initiative by seeking to increase a rural economic development strategy that includes harnessing the regions abundant low quality wood products as useful thermal energy for publically owned buildings, private businesses and homes in the designation area.

Buildings in the designation area are typically heated with fuels such as heating oil or propane. DOER seeks to reduce consumption of fossil fuels for heating and will release a series of Requests for Proposals (RFR’s) to quantify the available forest resource, regional economic impacts including job creation, reducing regional heating fuel costs, reducing carbon emissions, the development of a strategic plan to implement renewable heating in the region and develop a business plan for the manufacture and distribution of wood pellets.

This will focus on the forest biomass resource available for renewable wood pellet manufacturing, distribution and heating in 20 towns in northwestern Massachusetts."

 $65,000 was offered to have this study done, but DOER is spending  $350,000 on it.

Mohawk Trail State Forest
Mohawk Trail State Forest